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  • University of Vienna - Department of Prehistoric and Historical Archaeology
    Franz-Klein-Gasse 1, A-1190 Vienna, Austria
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Teaching at the University of Vienna



Geert J. Verhoeven is a senior scientist who left Belgium for Austria after obtaining his PhD in Archaeology from Ghent University in 2009. Geert is passionately curious about airborne and terrestrial imaging, image-based 3D surface modelling, metadata and semantic technologies, spatio-temporal reasoning, colour science, image processing, data visualisation and statistics. His endeavours in these fields aim to improve and standardise data acquisition, data management and information extraction procedures for the benefit of archaeology and the broader cultural heritage field.

Geert has a weak spot for research on contemporary graffiti because it illustrates that archaeological methods and cultural heritage frameworks also apply to yesterday's social practices and cultural artefacts, not solely those of the remote or ancient past. This vision transpired in INDIGO, an academic project on contemporary graffiti coordinated by Geert and funded by the Austrian Academy of Sciences.

Most of Geert's academic work is open-access and shared via various platforms. He is a member of various international organisations (AARG, CIPA Heritage Documentation, ISAP and ISPRS), sits on six editorial boards and has reviewed papers for over 60 international journals. Some of his photos appeared in National Geographic, newspapers and local magazines.


Key Research Topics

  • Archaeological methodology and standardisation
  • Imaging, image processing, and image-based 3D surface modelling
  • Spatio-temporal + semantic data structuring and reasoning
  • Colour science and human perception
  • Scientific visualisations
  • Statistics

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2019, Dürerzeitliche Wandmalerei im Wiener Stephansdom

2013-2014: Digital Documentation of Minoan Akrotiri (National Geographic Society)

2012-2014: Automated (ortho)rectification of archaeological aerial photographs (FWF, P24116-N23)

2010-2023, various LBI ArchPro research projects in Bassianae (present-day Serbia), Müstair (Switzerland), Bisenzio (Italy), Birka (Sweden), and The Stonehenge Hidden Landscape project (England).

2002-2010, the Potenza Valley Survey (various funding bodies)



2021-09-01 to 2023-08-31, INDIGO | IN-ventory and DI-sseminate G-raffiti along the d-O-naukanal (Heritage Science Austria programme of the Austrian Academy of Sciences, Heritage_2020‐014_INDIGO)




Academic Career

Since 10/2023: Senior scientist, Department of Prehistoric and Historical Archaeology, University of Vienna

10/2021 - 09/2023: Vice-director, LBI for Archaeological Prospection & Virtual Archaeology

10/2017 - 02/2023: Lecturer, Department of Prehistoric and Historical Archaeology, University of Vienna

01/2015 - 09/2023: 100 % Senior researcher, LBI for Archaeological Prospection & Virtual Archaeology

03/2012 - 12/2014: 30 % Post-doc researcher, Vienna Institute for Archaeological Science

06/2010 - 12/2014: 70 % Senior researcher (40 % from 03-09/2012), LBI for Archaeological Prospection & Virtual Archaeology

02/2010 - 05/2010: 70 % Post-doc researcher, Department of Hydraulics, Ghent University (Belgium)

02/2010 - 09/2012: 30 % Professor archaeology, Department of Archaeology, Ghent University (Belgium)


Academic Education

2009: Ph.D. in Archaeology, Ghent University (Belgium)

1998 – 2002: Master in Archaeology, Ghent University (Belgium)

1996 – 1998: 2 years Civil Engineering Architecture, Ghent University (Belgium)


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