Erasmus+ and studying abroad


Welcome to the Erasmus webpage of the Department of Prehistoric and Historical Archaeology!

The University of Vienna offers a wide range of opportunities for study and internship abroad but also for teaching stays abroad (for the latter see here). The information on this webpage refers to stays abroad of students and especially to study visits within the Erasmus+ programme.

What exchange programmes are there?

Erasmus+ is an exchange programme of the EU and offers study stays at European and occasionally also non-European partner universities, but also promotes traineeships in the EU. You can find out more about Erasmus+ study places in prehistory and historical archaeology below.

There are now also Summer Schools within the framework of the European University Alliance Circle U., which can be funded by Erasmus+. For more information see here.

For those who want to study outside Europe, the Non-EU Student Exchange Programme offers study opportunities with over 60 partner universities. For research stays to work on theses/dissertations, there are also scholarships within the framework of the KWA programme. All information on the programmes and other offers can be found on this website.

Erasmus+ for Prehistoric and Historical Archaeology

The University of Vienna currently has 19 Erasmus+ study places in 11 countries and 19 universities in the field of study Prehistory and Historical Archaeology. The following map gives an overview of the Erasmus+ study places available in the academic year 2022/23. A list of study places with further details can be found at (please switch to English in upper right drop down menu and then select "Prehistoric and Historical Archaeology" under "Study field" and "2023/24" under "Academic year"). [Important: Due to Brexit, places in GB will no longer be available for the academic year 2023/24].

Informationen for preparing and planning your Erasmus+ placement: Preparing, requirements and deadlines

The following webpage provides a good overview of deadlines, requirements, planning and the application procedure at the University of Vienna:


Deadlines / Application window: Mid-January to 5 March 2022!


For your preparation of an application, the information on the following webpage is especially important:


Information on language certificates (and what is accepted as proof):

Important: Language certificates must be available at the time of application.


Learning Agreement:

Important: The Learning Agreement must be signed by SPL before the application deadline - so please do not leave it until the last minute!!!

[The host university only has to sign it after the place has been awarded, but before the start of the stay].


Erasmus-Coordinator of the Department of Prehistoric and Historical Archaeology

Ass.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Philip R. Nigst

Institut für Urgeschichte und Historische Archäologie
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Please note: Enquiries by email can only be answered if they are sent from an Univie-email-address (e.g. unet) and include first and family name, immatrikulation number and degree program code (Studienkennzahl).