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Studio photography of finds and objects

  • True-to-scale record of objects before and after restoration
  • as a basis for drawings
  • for print in publications, posters and catalgoues

Documentation in the course of excavations

  • Photography of objects in the field for inventory and documentation
  • Work photographs during the excavation


Video archive

Videos and DVDs on topics such as archaeology, history, the university and restoration can be borrowed with a deposit. Further information and a list of the recorded programs is available at the Secretariat (only videos) and in the Photo lab (video and digital) of the Department.



Black-and-white photography (negatives and positives) can be processed at the Department’s Photo lab.
The Photo lab is equipped to develop all black-and-white film, create prints from 35mm film (small image) upto 23x23 cm, and produce contact prints. The processing of aerial photographs (both 6x6cm oblique photographs and 23x23cm vertical photographs) is an important task of the Photo lab.



The photography course “Photographic documentation” will take place in summer semester 2022.