Our mission is to continually develop archaeological methods within a broad interdisciplinary field (social, historical, natural, geological and life sciences as well as computer science), across various geographical areas (all Europe, North Africa, Central America, the Arctic, among others), and throughout all periods of human history (from the palaeolithic to contemporary history).

This mission features two unique aspects within the international field of archaeological sciences:

1) A broad basis of research and teaching in all epochs of human history from the palaeolothic to the modern and contemporary periods.

2) An internationally singular focus on non-invasive exploration of archaeological landscapes by using cutting-edge methods of archaeological prospection in interdisciplinary connection with the natural sciences.

The key research areas of the scientific staff cover a broad spectrum and are another unique feature of the Department. One focus is on the documentation of material sources and their interpretation in terms of Material Cultural Studies and as evidence for social history and economic history. These research endeavors are thus anchored in the research networks of the Faculty:

Numerous close collaborations with the Vienna Institute for Archaeological Science (VIAS) and the Ludwig Boltzmann Institut für Archäologische Prospektion und Virtuelle Archäologie (LBI ArchPro) have proven to be scientifically very fruitful. The staff of both institutions also work partly at the Department of Prehistory and Historical Archaeology, which ensures the close relation of teaching and research. 


Further information on research projects and individual research interests can be found in the individual staff member pages.