Ass.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Alexandra Krenn-Leeb


Deputy Director of Study Programmes (SPL 6 Egyptology, Jewish Studies, Prehistoric and Historical Archaeology)

Erasmus Coordinator (Prehistory and Historical Archaeology)

Deputy Speaker to the Curia for mid-level scientific staff, Faculty of Historical and Cultural Studies


Research interests

Prehistoric and historical archaeology of the Eastern Alpine and Danube region, especially the Neolithic period, Copper age and Bronze age


Current key research areas

  • Social archaeology of the Neolithic period, Copper age and Bronze age
  • Identity, mobility and tradition in the context of Bronze age populations
  • Human ecology of the Copper age: Parmeters of environmental, economic, landscape and social archaeology in the relationships network of human, economy and environment in the middle
  • Danube Region
  • Landfils in the context of space and ritual: strategies and concepts from the Neolithic period to the Bronze age
  • Conflict or cult? Crises and crisis management versus ritual manipulation from the Neolithic to Bronze age
  • Focus Post-War Period: History of the discipline of Prehistoric and Early historical archaeology, or, Prehistory and Historical Archaeology in Austria
  • BALANCE – Health promotion in archaeology: An accompanying scientific study


Detailed information

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