Methodological Innovations in P-XRF-Studies


Call for papers

Conference: Methodological Innovations in P-XRF-Studies

24th September 2024

Vienna Institute for Archaeological Science

Call for Papers

Portable X-ray fluorescence (p-XRF) is widely used in a variety of research fields including archaeometry, conservation, geology, heritage studies, and many more. However, despite its widespread use, there still remains a lack of understanding of the specific requirements and best practices for handling the instrument across different research applications and materials: The simplicity of the instrument, as easy as pulling a trigger, gives the impression that, compared to laboratory methods, it does not require a specialist to operate it. As a result, there is a lack of training opportunities for practitioners, a deficit of groundwork and innovative studies and a tendency to apply p-XRF in a repetitive manner to the ever-same research questions. This sidelines p-XRF and neglects its innovative potential. Therefore, this conference aims to provide a platform to present cutting-edge methods and strategies for p-XRF data acquisition, processing and interpretation. It aims to highlight practical and software innovations, handling techniques and the new ways of the application of p-XRF to a variety of materials. Presentations from all fields utilizing p-XRF are welcomed as the conference seeks not only to facilitate knowledge exchange and inspire innovative ideas but also to create a forum for specialists and those interested in the method.

Conference Format

The free of charge in-person conference will be held on September 24th 2024 at the Vienna Institute for Archaeological Science (VIAS, Franz-Klein-Gasse 1, 1190 Vienna). Each presenter will be allocated 20 minutes to present the newest ideas and findings, as well as allowing time for discussions and providing networking opportunities. To ensure in-depth engagement and interaction, a maximum of 12 lectures will be accepted. The results of the conference will be published.
An Ice-breaker event will be held on September 23rd at the Naturhistorisches Museum Wien.


To submit an abstract, please send a summary of no more than 250 words together with your contact details by June 1st 2024 to A comprehensive program with abstracts will be provided ahead of the conference on the conferences website:
To register for the conference and/or the Ice-breaker event, please use the registration template provided on the conference website. Registration closes by 11th of August 2024.


Michaela Schauer BA MA ACIfA (VIAS)
Ing. Mai Abdel Gawad & Ing. Nadia Cantin (CEAlex)
PD Dr. Karina Grömer & Mag. Daniel Oberndorfer (NHM)
Prof. Dr. Katharina Rebay-Salisbury & Doris Jetzinger BA MA (IUHA)